Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soccer 2010

Andrew's main sport is soccer, he loves it. He is a pretty good runner and blocker. He has yet to make a goal this year, but he will.

This a a picture of the new kitchen tile floor. Our dishwasher had leaked and we did not know soon enough and had gone under the wood floors and the linoleum. We took up the wood floor and was a stinky mess. Next we went shopping to get new wood floor to replace. Well to my luck they have discontinued that color. So our option was to buy all new would floor which would be the hole up stairs or just do tile. We chose to do tile because of cost. It looks beautiful...And you know when you do a project like this that there is always something else that needs to be done, Yep I need new counter tops. They are a baby blue in color and I hate them. Maybe this summer we can help the economy again. We have done really good this year. Jeff had surgery and many heart tests done and now he is back to work lite duty and just trying to keep up. He is always so uplifting and never lets anything bother him. I can tell he has not been himself since surgery. He tries to be tough and take only tylenol when he should be taking something more and I think he is doing too much walking and standing so it is taking a little bit longer to recover. Hard to see him in so much pain.

Next we are planning for Katie to have tonsils and adenoids out along with a septum repair and sinus surgery. She will be having this done Monday the 29th. She is not too excited because that is spring break. The doctor said she would have to miss a full week of school and with her classes it is really hard to miss that many days. Sorry Katie, but mommy loves you.

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