Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday

Emily cannot believe how much you have grown. You are such a joy to have around. Hard to believe you are a Freshman. She just finished Volleyball at Hillcrest. The team did not do so well but, she had fun and a good experience. Mom and dad, Katie and Andrew love you.

Western Carribean October 2008

Formal night

Grand Cayman Turtle Farm

GRAND CAYMAN swimming with the sting rays.

Oh Yes we did get up before the sun rose.
So much to do and see. This sunrise was so
beautiful over the ocean.


Ice sculptures were really cool to see.

Food sculptures.

Jeff flying from tree to tree. This was pretty scary for me. Since I am scared of heights. But over all it was fun. at the very end of this activity. We had a down pour. Meaning we felt like we just fell in a pool of water. The last zip line should have taken 16 seconds it took about 8 seconds to get across because it was raining really hard.

I am not so sure about this. But going to give it a try.

Almost set to try the 7 zip lines throughout the jungle.

Us in Haitti. In the background is our ship.

Jeff and I at the dinning room. We had so much great food. we never left hungry and definitely was not hungry for the next meal. We always found room. We even tried snails. They were interesting.

Our room keeper was from Haitti. He was really cool. He gave us a gift (trinket box) see next picture. He kept our room so clean. We never had garbage in our cans.

We took this picture to show Andrew what he missed. The kids all stayed at friends houses for the week.

Wave rider. They had stand up surfing or knee boarding. Jeff only tried the knee boarding. Of course I did not try. Call me chicken....

Jeff's mom and dad also came with us. I think they had a really good time. We did most stuff together.

Jeff and myself at the dinning room. We ate soooo much good food. We were never hungry for the next meal but ate anyway. it was fun trying new food. We even tried snails they were chewy but tasted good.

Jeff overlooking Miami.


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