Saturday, August 1, 2009

JULY has come and GONE...

Be the Best You Camp
Katie and her friend Sarah. This camp is like EFY...But, a whole lot more fun. They had devotionals/speakers, they had parties and fashion shows, they went and visited some needy kids and read them stories and did crafts. They made fleece blankets and donated all 250 of them to PCMC. They visited through a window of some premies. They come home knowing they are loved unconditionally and they can do anything they have thier hearts set on. Heavenly Father has given them all these great opportunities and now they just have to use them. Katie wants to go again next year and you know what I might just do that.
The Big Fierce fire....Oh we love fires.... Gotta love how Andrew dresses. He was trying to keep the mosquitos away...He always amazes me with the clothing combinations...And by the way watch out for his aim, he is taking after his dad.

Jeff just had his 20th high school reunion...Wow that makes me feel old. I graduated in 1987. We are only a year and one week in age. His reunion was not as bad as I thought. I had made some good friends with some of them through living in neighborhoods and church. They had the dinner party at the High School and was catered by Hard Hat. Was good food. They had the family picnic at Riot Zone. For those that don't know where and what that is a little miniture amuzement park that is over priced on the other side of Rigby. Take your kids to Lagoon for just a few dollars more.

Jeff and andrew cooling off after a hot day....

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