Monday, June 29, 2009

Where did the time GO???

JUNE 26th Storm. Wash out city...Hard to believe all the rain we have gotten this past month. Jeff actually made a comment "Wondering who is building the Ark?" Very true because I don't ever remember all this rain. Palisades is 110% at the time and there is no beach on the otherside of the dam.

We took the Wolf Scouts fishing and this is one of many Andrew caught. They caught many little white fish and when we said we had to go Andrrew had to land this one. Great job Andrew...

YW Camp 2009 at Reunion Flats. They hikes up to the monument. Too much snow the first group did not get into the wind caves and the second day the second group got brave and went in. We as a family is going to do this hike, that is if Jeff's knee will heal.

Our New roof, Shutters and new lights.

We did Baseball right after Soccer. They play in the play off's this Tuesday. Wish them luck...

Bear Lake...4 wheel drive to tops of great mountains for beautiful scenery.

Taking time out in the SUN!

We rented a Jet ski for a couple of hours and the kids had a blast...

We also rented a water trike that was a blast and a great workout.

Andrew still thinks he can FLY...

I want to go back. It was so nice to go and get away from everything...

Jeff's older Brother wife's daughter's new baby. Danika Kay. She is soo beautiful. Congrats Lacey!

Took the Wolf Scouts to the recycling center and the got to learn how things get recycled and watch a car get picked up and crushed into a small block.

Went to Houston Texas with Jeff, He had a Work conferance and I just hung out. This was the inside of our hotel. Amazing we went clear to the top and felt like we were swaying.

We have been doing a lot of soccer. Andrew won most all games. GO TEAM!


Keri, Lynn and the Gunter Gang said...

WoW Steph, looks like you've been
busy! What beautiful pictures...
Makes me homesick for the mountains
and Idaho....I keep praying that someday we'll get to come back.
I'm so glad we can keep in touch
through our blogs. I miss you.Keri.

Shauna said...

I want to go to bear lake!! It looks beautiful!! You have been busy!!!

Sherri said...

Lots of fun pictures Stephanie, it looks like you guys have had a busy summer! We saw Emily and Andrew at the river on the 4th. He's growing up, what a cutie!

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